3 Driving Tips to Help You Avoid Automobile Accidents

Whether you’re a new or experienced driver, you need to remain defensive when you’re on the road. You might be the best driver in the world but you aren’t the problem. It’s other drivers that can get you into trouble, especially if they’ve been drinking or are distracted. A few driving habits can keep you safe every time you hit the road, so do the following whenever you’re out there to avoid getting into an automobile incident. Your insurance company may even reward you for accident-free driving.

Always Keep Your Eyes Moving

Don’t fall into the trap of staring straight ahead when you’re driving. You need to know what’s going beside you on each side and behind you. This is why they taught to scan your rearview and side mirrors regularly while you drive. Pay attention to everything around you. This helps you identify problems in front of or beside you in advance so you have the time to react and avoid an accident. If your vehicle is equipped with sensors, keep an ear out for them, as well. They can alert you of things you cannot see.

Maintain Space So You Can Escape

As you scan the road in front of, around, and behind you, make sure you maintain a safe distance from all traffic to give you better reaction time. Don’t tailgate, and don’t let another driver tailgate you. Don’t allow yourself to be boxed in, as this reduces your ability to react. Always keep plenty of space around your vehicle. If you have to change lanes to avoid being trapped, do so when it’s safe. If you notice another person driving erratically, stay far away. Change routes if you must to avoid danger.

Don’t Be Erratic Yourself

Driving requires reaction but it shouldn’t be constantly reacting. Make sure to leave in plenty of time so you don’t have to speed or change lanes to get around slower drivers. Don’t allow yourself to be distracted while you drive, especially by your mobile phone or other devices. As discussed above, give yourself plenty of room so you aren’t placed in a situation where you have to slam on your brakes or swerve to get out of danger. Finally, always stay calm behind the wheel. Don’t give in to road rage.

Finally, make certain your vehicle doesn’t get you into an accident either. If you stick to your car, truck, or SUV’s preventative maintenance schedule, you’ll stay safe and reliable on the road. Bring your vehicle to Meadow’s Automotive today for a preventative maintenance check and service.

Image by Jan Macarol from Pixabay

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