A Faulty Power Steering Pump Creates Steering Problems

Stop by Meadows Automotive right away if you are having problems steering your automobile. This can be a sign that the power steering pump has gone bad. Generally, this pump will last for about 100,000 miles before it malfunctions. If you drive a vehicle with this kind of mileage, you will need to replace the power steering pump sooner rather than later.

Noises While Steering

One of the things that will happen when the power steering pump starts to go bad is it will make noise when you turn the steering wheel. You will hear the pump moan or groan. You may also hear it hum or squeal. You will only hear these noises while you are turning the steering wheel, and the noises will get louder the tighter a turn you are making.

Difficulty Steering

Another sign that you need a new power steering pump is if it is getting difficult to turn your steering wheel. The wheel may be extremely stiff and hard to turn. This suggests that the power steering pump is no longer able to circulate steering fluid through the system. It is this fluid that makes turning your wheel easy. A stiff wheel may also point to low power steering fluid.


As things get worse, your steering may become unresponsive. What this means is that you will turn the steering wheel but your automobile will not change directions. As you can imagine, this makes driving your vehicle very dangerous. If your steering is not responding, see if you can get your automobile off the road, and then call for a tow to our shop.

Leaking Red Fluid

Another thing an old power steering pump will do is leak steering fluid out of the system. This fluid is red. Consequently, if you have red puddles or spots on the garage floor, it’s possible that the power steering pump is leaking. You can check the level of the power steering fluid by unscrewing the reservoir That says power steering fluid on it.

Metal in the Fluid

This not only allows you to see if the power steering fluid is low but also if there is metal in the fluid. If there is, you need a new power steering pump. The metal that is in the steering fluid is dissolved metal off of the power steering pump. The pump is disintegrating.

Call Meadows Automotive in Waterford Township, MI, today if you are having problems with your vehicle’s power steering. If the pump is the issue, we will replace it.

Photo by Stason4ic from getty images via Canva Pro

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