Call Meadows Automotive if Your Exhaust Manifold Is Leaking

If you drive an older automobile, there may come a point when the exhaust manifold starts to leak. Meadows Automotive advises that the manifold can crack when the engine is running too hot. The gasket that seals the exhaust manifold can also crack when it gets too old. When this happens, you will start to have the problems listed below.

Reduced Performance

The engine performance in your automobile will be reduced because the engine will be filled with exhaust gases. Whether the manifold or the gasket is cracked, the exhaust leaks out of the crack and enters the engine. When this happens, it creates a problem with combustion and the engine loses power.

Reduce Fuel Economy

Unfortunately, this loss of power will cause the engine to use more fuel. Consequently, the cracked exhaust manifold will indirectly reduce your fuel economy. Gas prices have been at all-time highs throughout the summer. You do not want to have to head to the service station more often.

Strong Burning Odors

Another thing that you are going to notice with a leaking exhaust manifold is strong burning odors in the engine. When the exhaust fills the engine, it has a very high temperature. Consequently, it will overheat the engine and burn away parts that cannot stand up to the extreme temperature.

Strong Exhaust Odors

You may also be able to smell your vehicle’s exhaust inside the automobile. This is a sign that the ventilation system is pushing the exhaust through the vents. If you do smell exhaust, pull over and call for a tow truck. Inhaling the exhaust can make you ill and can even be deadly.

Strange Tapping Sounds

Your automobile may also make strange noises when you start it up if the manifold is leaking. The most common sound the exhaust makes as it escapes from the manifold is a tapping noise. It may also make hissing sounds or popping noises. It’s easiest to hear these noises when you first start your automobile.

Check Engine Warning

Finally, as you have learned, a leaking exhaust manifold can cause all kinds of problems in your engine. As such, the engine control module will be prompted to turn on the check engine light when it receives malfunction codes from system sensors. The light will remain illuminated until you replace the manifold.

We can do that here at Meadows Automotive in Waterford Township, MI, so give us a call today to set up a service visit for your automobile.

Photo by kvsan from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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