Engine Noises That Need Immediate Attention

Drive straight to our shop if your engine is making any of the noises listed below. If you want to play it safe, pull over and call for a tow truck. Sometimes, when the engine is making a strange sound, it is being damaged. We are going to talk about strange engine noises in this blog post and the common causes of the noises. Do not worry. We’ve got your automobile’s engine covered.


Let’s start off with grinding. If your engine is grinding, it’s a good idea to have your vehicle towed to our shop. The reason why is that a clogged oil filter can prevent the oil from circulating through the engine. Consequently, the metal parts will not be lubricated and they will grind when they move against each other. If you continue to drive the vehicle, you could damage the engine severely.


In most cases, you can drive to our shop if the engine is hissing. This is usually indicative of a vacuum leak out of one of the vacuum hoses. This will affect your engine’s performance, but it won’t damage it. If your engine has a fluid leak, the fluid may hiss or sizzle as it drips out of the leaking engine part. Depending on the extent of the fluid leak, you could damage the engine if the leak is severe.


A knocking engine is an engine that is having problems with the detonation in the cylinders. This could be because you have the wrong octane in the tank, because the fuel mixture is filled with air, or because the spark plugs are misfiring. The engine can also knock if the rod bearings are worn out and the rods are jiggling when they push the pistons up and down inside the cylinders.


Technically, popping noises come from the exhaust system rather than the engine. The common exhaust system parts that will pop are the catalytic converter, the exhaust manifold, and the muffler. In the case of the latter two, they will pop if they have holes in them and are leaking. In the case of the catalytic converter, it will pop if its interior is clogged with carbon and sulfur deposits.


In addition to popping, the muffler will also rumble when you press down on the accelerator if it has a hole in it. In fact, you may think that you are driving a race car because the engine will be noticeably louder. Another thing that causes the engine to rumble loudly is a stolen catalytic converter.

Finally, your engine can also squeal if the accessory belt is loose. We can take care of any of the problems listed in this blog post, so give us a call today.

Photo by Ana Florescu's Images via Canva Pro

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