Engine Problems Caused By a Faulty Fuel Pump

Your car could end up with engine problems if the fuel pump has gone bad. Meadows Automotive is going to list the signs of a faulty fuel pump below. If you have over 100,000 miles on your automobile, the fuel pump has lived its lifespan. We can replace a malfunctioning fuel pump when it needs it. Here are signs that it does.

High-Speed Engine Sputters

The fuel pump is tasked with pulling the fuel out of the tank and passing it through to the engine. Your engine needs more fuel when you drive faster. If the fuel pump is unable to supply this fuel, your engine will sputter and hiccup at high speeds. You may also notice that your vehicle’s acceleration is lagging.

Power Loss Due to Stress

The engine also needs more fuel when it is operating with a full load inside the automobile, a trailer behind the automobile, or driving up steep hills. All of these things place stress on the engine that bog it down. Without excess fuel, the engine will lose power in any of these conditions.

Unexpected Speed Surges

A malfunctioning fuel pump can also cause unexpected speed surges. In other words, your automobile will pick up speed on its own in spurts. This is an indication that the fuel pump has suddenly pushed more fuel through to the engine even though it didn’t need it.

Reduction in Fuel Economy

Unfortunately, all of these things will cause problems with your automobile’s gas mileage. There will be a noticeable reduction in the fuel economy that will leave you filling the tank more often. This is because the engine is unable to operate efficiently and burns away the fuel.

Engine Overheating Constantly

It’s strange that a malfunctioning fuel pump can overheat your engine but it can. When the fuel pump is unable to draw fuel over its own motor, the motor overheats. This excess heat manages to seep into the engine and increase the engine’s temperature.

Reduction in Fuel Pressure

If you test your vehicle’s fuel pressure and it is low, the fuel pump is dying. The fuel pump is responsible for keeping the fuel pressure within the recommended range. A malfunctioning fuel pump might be unable to produce enough fuel pressure.

Hard Starts or No Starts

Finally, all of these things can make starting your automobile difficult or impossible. Obviously, the engine needs fuel in order to fire up and keep running. It will not operate without the right amount of fuel.

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Photo by Boyrcr420 from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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