How to Save Money at the Gas Pump This Summer

Whether you are hitting the road for a road trip or just your daily commute, we all spend a lot of time on the road during the summer. Whatever your summer plans are there are some easy ways to get increase your fuel efficiency and save money on gas all season long.

Clean Out Your Trunk

Anytime you have added weight in your vehicle, your engine has to work harder to deliver the same power causing your fuel efficiency to decrease big time. Take some time and clean out your car taking out anything you don’t absolutely need. Just remember to leave the emergency kit and spare tire.

Alter Your Driving Habits

The way you drive can greatly impact your fuel efficiency. To save gas on the road try turning off your engine instead of idling for long periods of time and slowing down. Speeding decreases the number of miles you get out of a gallon and it puts you at risk for an expensive speeding ticket. So, slowing down and observing the speed limit will save you money all the way around. If you are driving for a longer distance, utilize your cruise control for a smoother ride and to avoid sudden acceleration and wasting gas.

Check Your Tires Regularly

Your tires play a big part when it comes to the fuel efficiency of your vehicle. Whether it is your tire pressure, your wheel alignment, or tread wear, you have to give your tires the attention they deserve. Pull out your tire pressure gauge every now and then and check your PSI before you leave for the day. If you need to inflate your tires, don’t put it off. All it takes is a quick trip to Meadows Automotive for a wheel alignment to see a difference not only in your tire wear but in your gas mileage as well.

Cut Back on Your Air Conditioner

If there is one time you want to crank up the air conditioner in your car it is during the summer. But that same air conditioner that gives you comfort can also make you blow through your fuel. Take advantage of the fact that our Waterford Township, MI, summers are mild and roll your windows down instead of turning up the A/C whenever you can.

Finally, staying on top of your summertime maintenance gives your mechanic a chance to inspect your vehicle and repair anything that might be causing you to lose money at the gas pump. Call Meadows Automotive today to schedule your next service appointment and let our expert mechanics keep your car performing at its best.

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