How You Can Tell That Your Catalytic Converter Has Been Ripped Off

You finally completed your grocery shopping after an hour. You are checked out and the groceries are loaded into the trunk. You fire up your automobile and the engine is unusually loud. What could be wrong? Meadows Automotive advises that your catalytic converter was stolen from your vehicle while you were in the store. Let’s talk about the signs that your car does not have a catalytic converter below.

Your Engine Is Really Loud

As we just mentioned, a missing catalytic converter will make your engine very loud. In fact, the engine will roar. You may not have realized this but the catalytic converter helps to muffle some of the engine and exhaust noise. Now that the converter is missing, your engine will be louder than normal.

Your Acceleration Is Jerky

Another thing that the catalytic converter does is absorb the exhaust push from the engine to the exhaust system. With the catalytic converter MIA, your acceleration will become jerky because there is nothing to absorb the exhaust push from the engine. Unfortunately, the acceleration will not smooth out until you replace the stolen catalytic converter and have it installed.

The Engine Is Sputtering

Your engine will also sputter when you are driving at slow speeds because a missing catalytic converter reduces the torque the engine produces on the low-end. High-end torque is the power production at high speeds; low-end torque is the power production at low speeds.

You Failed an Emissions Test

A missing catalytic converter is bad news for people who live in states that enforce emissions testing. Your vehicle does have a chance of passing an emissions test if the converter is gone. This is the exhaust part that treats the hydrocarbons in the exhaust so they are released as something safer.

Driving Gives You a Headache

If driving your automobile gives you a headache or makes you feel sick in other ways, it’s possible that the catalytic converter is gone. You may feel especially ill if you have your windows down while you are operating the vehicle. The reason you feel sick is that you are inhaling carbon monoxide.

The Check Engine Light Is On

Finally, a missing catalytic converter will cause the check engine light to turn on. System sensors will report malfunctions to the engine control unit because the converter is gone.

Call Meadows Automotive in Waterford Township, MI, today if you believe your catalytic converter has been stolen. We will inspect your exhaust system and replace the converter if needed.

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