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Call Meadows Automotive right away if your car, truck, or utility vehicle is overdue for an oil change. Forgetting to change the oil can result in a clogged oil filter that can damage the engine. In order to keep your engine in the best shape possible, you should have conventional oil changed every 3,000 miles and synthetic oil changed every 5,000 miles. Let’s talk more about what a clogged oil filter will do.

Poor Engine Performance

The clogged filter slows down the oil circulation through the engine and causes the oil to deposit dirt throughout. Usually, the oil flows through the engine and picks up dirt. Unfortunately, because this isn’t happening, the engine performance is going to suffer and lag. In addition, the motor oil will not be able to trap the engine’s heat. As such, the engine will run hotter than it normally does.

Poor Fuel Efficiency

These things add up to poor fuel efficiency. Nothing could be worse when gas is as expensive as it is today. In fact, if you did some basic calculations, you would see that it is cheaper to have the oil changed when it needs it than to suffer from poor fuel efficiency. If your vehicle is due for an oil change, call our shop to schedule one. We will get you in and out of our shop in no time.

Poor Oil Pressure

When the vehicle is overdue for an oil change in the filter clogs, you may also end up with poor oil pressure and circulation through the engine. When this happens, engine sensors complain to the main computer chip. As such, the chip turns on the oil light and leaves it on until you have the oil changed.

Metallic Noises

Another sign that the oil pressure is too low is metallic noises coming from the engine. In this case, you may have little or no oil circulating. We cannot stress enough that if you continue to drive your automobile, you could damage the engine beyond repair if it doesn’t have any oil circulating through it.

Excess Emissions

Finally, depending on where you live, you may need your vehicle to pass an emissions test in order to register it. Unfortunately, the clogged oil filter causes a dirty engine. As such, there will be excess hydrocarbons in the exhaust and your vehicle will fail the test.

Call Meadows Automotive in Waterford Township, MI, today to schedule your next oil change.

Photo by AHMET YARALI from Getty Images Pro via Canva Pro

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