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Does your car, truck or SUV stop quickly and safely, or do you worry that you will blow through a stop sign or inadvertently run a red light? Are your brakes free of noise, or do they squeal every time you step on the pedal? Is your brake fluid reservoir always full, or is there an unexplained puddle under your car?

If you have a problem with your brakes, you cannot afford to put it off. Brake problems will only get worse over time, and before you know it, your safety and the safety of other Waterford Twp residents will be at risk.

Expert Diagnosis for Complex Brake Problems

Every quality brake repair starts with the right diagnosis, and that is exactly what you will get when you bring your vehicle to Meadows Automotive. We are your brake repair experts in the Waterford Twp area, and we are dedicated to the safety and security of area drivers.

At Meadows Automotive, we use our state of the art equipment to diagnose your brake problems fast, so we can make the right repairs and keep you protected behind the wheel. No brake problem is too simple, or too complex, for the brake system experts at Meadows Automotive.

Service and Repairs for All Kinds of Brakes

Brakes have become much more complicated in recent years, and that has made brake repair more difficult. While there are still plenty of disc and drum brakes out there, they have been joined by antilock braking systems, and by a growing number of automatic braking systems and smart cruise control systems as well.

At Meadows Automotive, we know brakes, and we are able to make all kinds of brake repairs. From the old style drum and disc brakes to the newest antilock brakes and automatic braking systems, we know what it takes to fix your car, truck or SUV – and what it takes to keep you safe behind the wheel.

Are Your Brakes Making Noise?

If your brakes are making noise, your vehicle is trying to tell you something. You need to pay close attention to what your vehicle is saying, and Meadows Automotive is here to help.

At Meadows Automotive, we know brakes, and we know brake noises. From the distinctive sound of worn out brake lining to the squealing that often signals a brake bad problem, we use our ears, and our decades of combined experience, to find the root cause of the noise and fix it right the first time. You cannot afford to let your brake problems get worse, so bring your vehicle to Meadows Automotive without delay.

We offer courtesy vehicles for repairs and we also offer a local pick-up/drop off concierge service.