Engine Repair and Replacement

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When it comes to engine repair in Waterford Township, Meadows Automotive wants you to have the very best. From the oldest and most vintage vehicle to the newest and most technologically sophisticated, every car, truck and SUV on the road relies on its engine to get where it is going. When your engine stops, your vehicle stops as well, and you could be looking at a big repair bill.

That is why it is so important for drivers in the Waterford Twp area to take good care of their engines. Some parts of engine care are relatively easy, like changing the oil and keeping a close eye on the dipstick level. Other parts of engine care are more difficult and complex, like having regular tune-ups and listening for unusual noises as you drive.

Engine Repair Waterford Township, MI

At Meadows Automotive, we are your engine experts in the Waterford Twp area. We know what to look for, and our decades of combined experience means we can find the problem fast and fix it right the first time.

Is your engine losing oil? Do you suspect a leak? Is there a strange stain on your garage floor? If so, you need to bring your vehicle to Meadows Automotive for the quality service you need. Engine problems just get worse over time, and every day you wait could cost you more in the long run. The sooner you get help with your engine, the better, and you can rely on your friends at Meadows Automotive to make the repairs you need.

The Right Diagnosis the First Time

Every quality repair starts with the right diagnosis, and you cannot afford to get this part wrong. Engine repair can be costly, but having a definitive diagnosis before you start can keep the costs under control and give you added confidence in the repairs.

That is why Meadows Automotive uses state of the art diagnostic equipment to determine the exact cause of the miss, leak or other engine problem. But we do not rely on that equipment alone – we also use our decades of combined experience to make a determination and diagnose your engine problem. You can have confidence in us and our expertise.

No Problem is Too Simple or Too Complex

At Meadows Automotive, no problem is too simple or too complicated. We know engines, and we know what to look for. If you have a simple miss in your engine, we can diagnose the problem fast, give you a recommendation and make the necessary repairs.

If your engine requires major repairs, we can help there as well. We have the expertise you need to fix your engine right, and the connections needed to get the parts you need. We also have access to a wide variety of replacement engines, so we can make the change and get you back on the road. Whatever your engine needs, the staff at Meadows Automotive is always here to help.

GM Active Fuel Management Repairs

We specialize in replacement or repairing 2007+ GM Cars, Trucks, and SUV’s with Active Fuel Management (4 Cylinder Mode) problems. Common problems with these particular engines include lifter ticking or engine noise, and oil consumption, call us today to discuss your options for repairing or replacing the components of this system!

Call us today to schedule your next Waterford Township engine repair or service.

We offer courtesy vehicles for repairs and we also offer a local pick-up/drop off concierge service.

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