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Tires Waterford Township

When the rubber hits the road, that is when you know whether or not you’ve selected the right tires. Now choosing the right auto service and repair shop for your new tires can be tedious, but we got you covered. At Meadows Automotive in Waterford Township, MI, we are the tire care and sales experts, and our certified mechanics will help you with tire repair, tire replacement, or even just a quick check of the wear on your tires. When it comes to tires in Waterford Township, Meadows Automotive can handle it all.

New Tires Waterford Township MI

A set of four brand-new tires is often a wise yet necessary investment. Driving on a bald set is never a good idea, and newer cars often have ways of alerting the driver to the need for tire replacement. There is an easy, DIY way for you to tell if they are too worn – the penny test. To do this yourself, put a penny between the treads of the tire. Can you see Lincoln’s head? If you can see the top, it might be time for a new tire. When that time comes, roll your bald tires into the pros at Meadows Automotive. We will help you select the right set for your vehicle, and at the right price.

Tire Repair

There are plenty of hazards out there on the Waterford Twp, MI, roads. Beyond just weather and water-related problems you might run into, there are also potholes, nails, and any manner of a number of things scattered across the roadways. If you’ve picked up a nail, screw, or have some damage to the treads on your tires, bring it into Meadows Automotive. If you’ve managed to avoid any sidewall damage (which is usually unfixable), then we can probably patch you up and get you back on the road quickly and safely. Let us take a look and we’ll see what we can do!

Tires Near Me

Your car’s tires are the only point of contact between your vehicle and the road. Shouldn’t that be one of the parts of your car you should be most concerned about? At Meadows Automotive, let us do the worrying for you. Our experienced techs know tires, and we won’t let you leave our parking lot unless it is on a full safe, secure set. And you can leave our lot with the peace of mind that your tires are in it for the long haul with our 2 years/24k mile nationwide warranty. Make an appointment with Waterford Twp, MI’s own Meadows Automotive today.

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