Watch Out for These Five Things That Can Damage Your Automobile’s Paint

For many, spring is their favorite time of year. There are five things, however, that can damage the paint on your car, truck, or SUV. A few precautionary measures will prevent this damage and part of that prevention is avoidance. What five things damage your paint in the spring? Here’s a list from Meadows Automotive for your information because knowledge is power.

Winter Residue

Winter is harsh, especially in Michigan. Winter is also harsh on your automobile’s paint. If you washed and waxed in the fall and throughout the winter months, your paint should be fine. If you didn’t, you might have road salt damage underneath your vehicle and on its exterior. Inspect your vehicle’s exterior for road salt or road debris damage and buff out the dings and treat the oxidation spots.

Excessive Pollen

Pollen blows through the air during spring and eventually blankets your vehicle in a pretty color. You might wipe off the pollen in frustration but you could actually damage your automobile’s paint if you do so. Although barely noticeable to the naked eye, when layered on a surface, excessive pollen can scratch that surface. This includes your vehicle’s paint so wash off the pollen gently with water.

Tree Sap

Flowers bloom in spring, which is what makes this time of year so beautiful. What you might not know is trees seep sap during spring, as well. If you park under a tree that is seeping sap, you might find sticky droplets on your vehicle. Sap isn’t going to wash off quickly and easily, no matter what soap you use. Sap hardens and is nearly impossible to remove, so stay away from trees.

Bird Droppings

Another issue with trees is their residents. Bird droplets on your vehicle are annoying, ugly, and can damage your paint. Bird poop is acidic – uric acid to be exact – and this acid can eat through your vehicle’s paint job, working on the protective clear coat first. To avoid bird dropping and tree sap damage, cover your vehicle with a quality cover if you park underneath trees.

Bug Deaths

Spring also wakes up a ton of bugs and many of them find their tragic end on the front of your car, truck, or SUV. This makes a huge mess, especially if you drive through a swarm of bugs, and their bodies contain acid just as bird droppings do. Give your vehicle a thorough washing and waxing in the spring to protect it against bug body acid and keep it washed and waxed throughout the season.

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