Reasons to Replace Your Engine

Nobody wants to hear their vehicle’s engine needs replacing. A barrage of questions floods the brain. Can I afford it? Is it worth it? Should I just buy a new car? How long will I be without my car? It’s a tough repair to give the go-ahead for but there are instances when it is the only option. Meadows Automotive explains three circumstances under which a vehicle’s engine must be replaced.

Cracked Engine Block

A cracked engine block is devastating. You must replace the engine if the block cracks. The number one reason why an engine block cracks is excessive heat. A vehicle’s engine should only run between 195 degrees and 220 degrees Fahrenheit. If it runs hotter than that for an extended period, the metal that makes up the engine block will succumb to the excessive heat and split. Keep your cooling system maintained to prevent engine overheats and also keep your eye on the heat gauge. If your vehicle starts to overheat, pull over and call for a tow to the auto repair shop for a quick inspection.

Old Age

Even the best engines in the world only have so much life in them. Yes, you may stick to the preventative maintenance schedule like glue but major parts still wear down over time. Once you hit critical mass on major parts, such as the head gasket, you can’t turn back the hands of time. To replace a cracked head gasket, you’re looking at a repair bill of about $2,000. Depending on additional engine damage caused by the cracked gasket, you may be looking at a total engine replacement. If your vehicle has a ton of mileage on it, you may do better to purchase a new car rather than repair the issue.

Major Collision Damage

Hopefully, you will never be in an automobile accident that is severe enough to cause engine damage. This can happen, however. In most cases, the insurance company will total the car because they don’t want to cover the cost to replace the engine. This said, if they do cover the accident, the car is expected to be returned to pre-accident condition. This includes the engine, which may need to be replaced if the accident damaged it beyond repair. If you buy the car from the insurance company, i.e. repair it anyway, you’ll need to prove the vehicle is in pre-accident condition to insure it again.

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