Why Would I Inspect My Exhaust System For Leaks

Your car’s exhaust system uses piping that helps redirect harmful gases away from your engine and into the air. This gas usually flows through the exhaust manifold, catalytic converter, resonator, and the muffler which is connected to your tailpipe. Each part of your exhaust system needs to be in good working order. If there is an issue, dangerous gases can travel into your passenger cabin and put you and your passengers at serious risk. Here are some warning signs so you know when to check for leaks.

Unusual Noises

If you start to notice a hissing or popping noise, this may be an indication that your exhaust system is leaking. Take a close look at the paint near your exhaust cylinder. If it appears to be discolored or burned, there may be an issue. If the tailpipe is producing a high-pitched whistling noise, there is also some cause for concern. While not all noises are related to your exhaust, the intermittent hissing and popping are definite red flags.

Visible Leaks

Whenever you start your engine, it thermally expands and contrasts near the exhaust manifold gasket. Over time, this creates stress and small leaks that can slowly develop. If the leaks are ignored, they can get much larger. Take a close look near the front of your engine and work your way back to the tailpipe. Make note of any leaks you find so that you can tell your mechanic.

Excessive Vibration

If you touch the steering wheel or pedal and notice an unusual vibration, this could be caused by the rusty exhaust. When you drive short distances, the muffler and exhaust pipes do not get hot enough to evaporate any collected water. This means that condensation is just sitting there and will eventually cause parts to gather rust. When you notice unusual or excessive vibrations, this could be a result of a hole or leak in your exhaust system.

Low Fuel Economy

Your car should get around the same gas mileage per gallon if there are no problems. However, if you’re noticing a lower fuel economy, it could be related to your exhaust system. If there is a leak anywhere in your vehicle, it can cause the entire car to work harder in order to perform. And, if your engine is working harder, this means it needs more and more fuel. Pay attention every time you fill up and make note if you’ve noticed that the fuel economy is not what it once was.

When in doubt, always have your exhaust system checked for leaks by our professional mechanics so we can make a proper diagnosis and repair recommendation.

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