Winter Driving Tips to Keep You Safe

When it gets as cold as 17 degrees Fahrenheit outside, it’s hard to get excited over your morning commute. Waterford Township, MI, is beautiful, but it gets cold in the winter, which leaves drivers at risk on the roads. Meadows Automotive has some tips to help keep you safe on the road, during the holidays and all winter long, because driving on icy roads is dangerous no matter how you slice it.

Short-Distance Commutes

The best way to stay safe on icy roads and/or during inclement weather is to stay off them. If you don’t have to drive when it’s snowing outside, don’t. Stay in your nice, warm home. If you do have to get on the road, however, think like a turtle. Accelerate, brake and drive slow. This not only helps your wheels stay on the road but also gives you time to respond to dangers ahead.

Slow speeds increase tire traction and if you allow extra space between you and the vehicle in front of you, you’ll give yourself additional space to stop even if you skid a little. Brake evenly and slowly by placing your heel on the floor when you depress the pedal. This prevents you from stepping on the brakes too hard and skidding. Finally, take a route with the least stops to prevent skids from starts and stops. Don’t stop if you’re going up a hill and take it slow so you don’t spin your wheels.

Long-Distance Commutes

If you don’t have roadside service with your insurance or an independent provider, it’s good to sign up for it before a long-distance winter commute. Also, check the weather before you head out on your trip to see if you should drive another route. Stay in touch with people throughout your trip so they know where you are and your ETA. If you do break down, stay inside your vehicle to remain safe.

Get plenty of rest prior to and during your trip. Lose the gotta-save-time mindset and replace it with gotta-stay-refreshed. Drink plenty of water to encourage hydration and more rest stops. The more you stop and get out of the vehicle, the more alert you’ll remain behind the wheel. Pack emergency supplies in your vehicle just in case you end up stranded. Make sure to include plenty of blankets for everyone.

Finally, prepare your vehicle for winter driving and maintain it throughout the season. Meadows Automotive in Waterford Township, MI, would be happy to check your vehicle for possible concerns and address them before it gets even colder. Call us today.

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