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Transmission Repair Waterford

Clocking in at over 800 individual parts, your car’s transmission is easily the most complicated and delicate component of your entire vehicle. With such a complex system, you know that if transmission trouble pops up, you can’t bring your vehicle to any quickie repair shop. For intricate transmission repair, you’ll want to trust yours to the experts at Meadows Automotive in Waterford Township MI. Our certified mechanics are uniquely qualified to work on any and all transmissions, and no matter if it is manual or automatic, import or domestic, we can fix it.

Five Signs of Transmission Troubles

As your car picks up or loses speed, the transmission is responsible for shifting gears while you drive. It doesn’t matter if you’ve got a manual or an automatic transmission, a car that can’t switch gears isn’t going to get the driver where they want to go. Meadows Automotive usually sees five separate signs that indicate your car has transmission trouble:

  1. Your gears stick or don’t switch as easily as they should.
  2. Your car smells like burning, a sign of excess transmission fluid.
  3. Your check engine warning is lit up or flashing.
  4. Your car, when in neutral, makes grinding or humming noises.
  5. Your car is unresponsive when switching from park to drive, or vice-versa.

If any of these transmission troubles sound familiar, you’re going to want to make an appointment at Meadows Automotive as soon as you can.

Transmission Repair Waterford

Transmission troubles are a double-edged sword. On one hand, they tend to only show up in older model cars or vehicles that have been in accidents. They also tend to rear their ugly heads slowly, rather than with a catastrophic blowout. That’s the good part. The tough part is that transmission repairs can be among the most time, labor, and cost-intensive of all vehicle repairs. Just because of their difficulty, transmission problems should never be ignored. Doing so can only make the problem exponentially more expensive and tougher to fix. At first notice of any transmission trouble, you’ll want to trust your car to a transmission expert like those at Meadows Automotive.

Transmission Service Near Me – Make an Appointment

Transmission service and repair round out two of the most difficult jobs we do here at Meadows Automotive. Luckily, our certified team of experts is more than qualified to work on your transmission, no matter what kind of car you drive. And you have peace-of-mind knowing every repair comes with a 2 year/24k mile nationwide warranty. Make an appointment with us today!

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